Friday, 20 July 2012


well i have a few minutes. so i figured i would update you all...
so lillie finally rolled over. about a month ago now. as you all saw.
she isnt any bigger yet.
her puking was way down, which was great expect for that she was losing the most weight ever. now we are just pretty sure dr. kelly is out of ideas and is just ignoring us. which isnt great. so we are in the process of getting a new one! yaay
she is great at pivoting. and has started to do what looks like a army crawl. but she will only do that sometimes.
she LOVES pasta... especially kraft dinner.... gets that one from her daddy.. but it should fatten her up! haha

Bad news is.
she has started her puking up really bad again... which isnt what we wanted to see...  SO i  kinda feel like we are back to stage one with it.... but hopefully now that she is older they will have new answers.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012





i almost cried! i am soo proud of my little baby!

now she wont stop! and she is ALREADY is trying to push herself. so i think crawling is coming our way!

i have a vid, but i cant upload it! but it is very exciting!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

now that i have had time to be happy...

So I know I posted not to long ago about being so excited about the news on lillie, and i still am... what is getting me now is really honestly what is this.... she is doing worse than ever and everything is coming back okaye.. why is this little body not absorbing the nourishment that she needs to help her grow.. like i posted in my post a couple times ago, she had dropped a FULL pound in 3 weeks ( please it takes her like 4 months to gain a pound, why is it so easy to loss it!?) which is what finally got the doctors worried.. but now thiat it is isnt syliac, what is it? Lillie has always had hard time gaining the weight she needed and always would loose some every so often, but usualy like 5-6oz.. and the doctors worried... this whole pound thing has got they really serious... but if it isnt this than what is it???

i have been racking my brain all day since i found out and i just dont get it. oh well i guess..

all i know is i wish something showed up for them to go off of. cause now we are at literally nothing. I guess i feel i should be used to this by now the whole no answer thing but when it is at the worst point for her she has ever been, i start to worry... what if they never figure it out?? shes gotten so small i even got to bring out some of her NEWBORN cloths again.. cause her 0-3's are to big.. sad.

oh well i guess this is my little rant... at this point we havent even got to make a apt back with the pedi cause he is still waiting on some stuff...

i know i sound silly. but i guess it comes with being a first time mother. i just wish there was more i could do.


Well after the longest 2 days of my life we got the call for the results of lillies blood work today...

EVERYTHING IS NOMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after 8 months of no good news i feel this is great! so glad she doesnt have syliac... (spelling sorry)

but with this AMAZING news comes the not great part. now we dont know what it is. so back to square one...


Monday, 14 May 2012


Well i didnt update really last time. but last time we went she weighed 13 pounds... we had to get her some physio, cause she is not where she should be developmentally where she should be.

so we went for a follow up today... and we hoped for some weight gain, since she hasnt been puking as much.. but she did her biggest drop.. she went from 13 exactly, to 12 exactly... thats a whole pound.... which isnt good. so now i have to take her for a bunch of tests. and blood work..... hopefully this will show something...

i just feel sooo bad for my little girl... i think it is unfair... oh well..

anywho thats lillie.. and the doctors are FINALLY concerned.. i guess that is the only good thing from all this.

Friday, 27 April 2012

no new post

we went to the pedi.. thats about all the good that came from it..

im sure in a couple days ill explain everything. but not now. to fresh.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

the doctor apt

Well we had another doc apt today. this one is going to be short. I'm not in the blogging mood..

Lillie has dropped down to 12.6lb. almost a full pound from a month ago. not what we as parents or the docs like to see. so they are sending us back to the perdition and than from there we will maybe but most likely get sent to the children's hospital where there is a growth and development. clinic.

so i wait till Monday to see if i get the new pedeatrition like we want or if the wait is to long we will go to the same one. but we all including the doctors want a different one. but we dont want to wait much longer ( thats kinda funny isn't it) (well to me it is)

so sorry for the spelling mistakes.

but that's lillie today.

i do have a couple pictures for this post though!!

so i guess that's exciting!

 this picture just made me melt. so i had to try to get it and i  did! with out either of them knowing! haha

this is the new sophie! she loves this bunny! she will not sleep with out it!
i guess you could say she is a mamas girl! and i am MORE than okaye with  that! 

Thats all for now!