Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thanksgiving, Family time!

On sunday before dinner we learned that she is going to be one of those blanket lovers! you cant tell very well, but she is clung on to that banny like its going to run away! 

My grandpa came for dinner at mom and dad Lockings house! Watching my grandpa hold little Lillie, is just such an amazing time, he has soooooo much love for that little girl already! When he holds her he NEVER takes his eyes off her. I even tried to take a picture with them and he couldn't look up. He cares for her and worries about he so much. Her and her great grandpa will have a strong bond, Trevor and I can tell already.
He always talks about how shes going to play basketball, (she has the longest fingers ever!) and he just lights right up! and gets so excited about it! (I'm hoping for more like piano, but she can do both!) 

This one is cute, cause shes looking right at her Oma. That night she showed everyone how attentive she really can be. and was awake a lot during the time we were there. Oma loves this little girl so much as well. and loves to snuggle her so much.  

Well theres dad and grandpa! Grandpa Locking loves to look at all the changes she has and her BIG blue eyes. Everyone just loves to hold her and love her, and its super easy to, cause she is just soo darn cute! between her great grandpa and grandpa Locking, there will for sure be some love for the sport of basketball. they both see it in her hands, but grandpa Locking also sees the piano potential! (thank heavens!!)

This is our first family picture!! We had tried many times before but she would be tired or we wouldn't have a way of taking the pictures! But we Finally got some! and there will be more! Cause we are getting our friend who also took our wedding pictures to take our family pictures! There is one thing for sure, all I feel when I look at this picture is that LOVE that I have for those 2 people! 

This is the first picture that I have with my Baby Lillie! It took sometime because I always hid behind the camera, or found a reason why I couldn't get my picture taken. there will be plenty more pictures with me and her, I've seen now that it is very important to make sure she has pictures with everyone. 

We didn't get everyone, but we will, so there will be more pictures to come of her and her uncles and her with my mom! 

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